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Capital Link Management is committed to treating all consumers with respect, fairness, and honesty. We devote ourselves to building lasting relationships with our clients.

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Portfolio Management

We know managing a portfolio is not a cookie cutter process. We work with you on your goals and custom tailor a plan of action. We make keeping track of your investment as easy as possible.


With extensive knowledge and experience, Capital Link Management is here to help you get the return you are looking for. Our executive team will work with you to reach your overall goal.

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Consumer Protection

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) creates guidelines under which debt collectors may conduct business, and also defines the rights of consumers. Capital Link Management and its employees are committed to following the FDCPA and all other applicable federal and state regulations.

Collectors MAY NOT:

- Threaten arrest, jail or physical harm

- Threaten to freeze your assets without due process

- Threaten actions against a family member

- Continue to call if they know you are represented by an attorney

In the even you happen to receive a call such as described above, please contact us as soon as possible at 855.797.6909 Monday through Friday 9:00AM  - 5:00PM EST.

- Follow the instructions of the caller

- Provide any financial, account or payment information

- Provide any personal information

The list of activities prohibited by the FDCPA is not limited to those stated above. The complete outline of the FDCPA may be found by clicking HERE.